Aspiration Catheter
Advantages of the Catheter:
  • Soft tip reduces vessel irritation
  • Special shaft design enables good push- and trackability
  • High kinking performance
  • Hydrophilic coating for perfect catheter movement
  • Shaft size in 6F and 7F
  • System length 145cm
  • Very short aspiration time with high aspiration volume
The Set consist out of:
  • Aspiration Catheter
  • 60ml Syringe
  • 2 nylon mesh cell strainer
  • Extension line with male and female luer
  • one way stop cock
  • with or without Stylet

Aspiration catheter is a rapid exchange type catheter used for the removal of thrombus and debris in the coronary or peripheral arteries via percutaneous suction. Thrombosis occurs when clots form and obstruct the blood vessel. If this occurs in a patient’s arteries, it is called arterial thrombosis. In veins it’s referred to as venous thrombosis. When blood flow is interrupted, the heart muscle is deprived of oxygen. Prolonged oxygen deprivation can lead to death (necrosis) of the heart muscle (or myocardium). The primary reason to use an aspiration catheter is to remove the thrombus.

It is designed to provide an efficient and effective solution for thrombus removal. Offering excellent tractability, pushability, and aspiration volume.

Delivery System:
  • Pre-loaded stylet provides improved pushability and kink resistance, ensuring optimal catheter delivery in tortuous paths
  • Smooth catheter provides excellent flexibility and lumenal volume
  • Hydrophilic coating allows for easy navigation through tortuous anatomy
Aspiration Volume:
  • Large extraction lumen due to shaft construction, ensures optimal aspiration rates
  • Short tip design for deliverability and increased safety during aspiration procedure
  • Large aspiration port allows for a higher rate of aspiration and increased aspiration volume
  • Soft, short tip for enhanced and upgraded deliverability
  • Superior tip engineering resulting from intensified research and experience