921615 16G 15CM CHIBA NEEDLE
921620 16G 20CM CHIBA NEEDLE
921815 18G 15CM CHIBA NEEDLE
921820 18G 20CM CHIBA NEEDLE
922015 20G 15CM CHIBA NEEDLE
922020 20G 20CM CHIBA NEEDLE
922209 22G 09CM CHIBA NEEDLE
922215 22G 15CM CHIBA NEEDLE
922220 22G 20CM CHIBA NEEDLE
922222 22G 22CM CHIBA NEEDLE
Features & Benefits:
  • Can be considered as a Universal Needle Used for Percutaneous Nephrostomy procedures, Cytological biopsies, needle-aspirations, thoracentesis exploratory punctures, to inject contrast dyes etc.
  • The Chiba point enables soft penetration and avoids the risk of vessel laceration and reach deep points without any excessive deviation.
  • The special echogenic tip increases the visibility under ultrasound guidance and guarantees the needles point localization.